Friday, March 26, 2010

Eggs and Baby Chicks

We were able to enjoy a class at a local park that explained the process of candling and hatching eggs. I think I enjoyed it as much as they did!

Watching an egg hatch

Baby Chicks

Some of the kids liked holding the chickens

Look how pretty the feathers are on this chicken

Candling an egg

I am so thankful for all the hands on learning opportunities that my kids get to experience!

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Ohio Mom/Mammaw said...

That brings back memories of my grandparents farm. I remember when they would buy peeps (baby chicks) and keep them in the brooder house. It was a very small building with a large lamp that hung from the low ceiling. Under the huge lamp were hundreds of peeps. They would be making peeping noises and the house would be so warm and smell so good.