Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dairy Field Trip

We visited a dairy/creamery and had a great time!

I think the kids favorite part was petting and feeding the baby calves. This one was only 5 days old.

Our friends, R and E

S and B playing with another baby calf

This one was so cute looking out the barn door.

He just wanted to lick B's hand anytime he tried to pet him.

S did not want to be licked so she kept her distance.

The older cows were so curious of us. They would come straight to the fences and just stare.

The cows at the feeding trough

This one is scratching his back with this hanging scrubber.

The cow wash :)

M and her friend E watching as the guide talked about milking the cows

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Ohio Mom/Mammaw said...

The cows my Grandpa had on the farm were black and white. All cows are curious and when I was around 12, I decided to go fishing in the pond. Grandpa had turned the cows out to pasture and the pond was in the middle of the pasture. As I was walking down to the pond, the cows surrounded me in a circle. Every step I would take, they would take a step closer to me. I started to get scared and decided to hold out the fishing pole and turn in circles. This made the cows back up and I made a run for the pond. They lost interest and walked away. The pond was surrounded by a fence so they couldn't get inside. They could get water from the runoff behind the pond. By the time I was finished fishing, the cows were far away and I was able to get back over the fence to safety with the fish I caught!