Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Race

Today is race day and I have one who is too sick to go....I hate that S is missing the race especially after all the hard work that she did on her car and I hate that I have to miss watching the other 3 race their cars. Sometimes things just do not go as planned, but at least Scot was able to take pictures and I was able to share in their excitement over the phone.

So today was their first time participating in the Grand Prix.  They spent time this week getting their cars ready for the big race. They sanded, painted and decorated their cars. I showed you that here.

This being their first year, we really did not know what to expect so they went with simple designs. Next year will be a different story...they already have some pretty incredible designs in mind!!!

The cars were judged on design and of  course, they raced the cars in each of their groups to determine the top three fastest cars in each age group.

All together they brought home 4 trophies.

B's red racer won 2nd place in design.

E's polka dot car won 2nd in speed

M won 1st place in design and 1st place in speed

Great job, kids! We are so proud of your hard work and your good sports attitudes!

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