Monday, January 11, 2010

The Mask

During the process of moving, you come across a lot of things you didn't know you still had or you find things that went missing years ago.

Well, one of those things suddenly appeared this week here at the rental house.

We were getting ready to go somewhere and I called for M to come and let me fix her hair. She came running and as I was about to spray her hair she said, "Wait! I need to get my mask" Then she proceeded to pull something out of her pocket and put it over her face. She said, "Now you can spray my hair Mommy."

As I looked closer at what she had, I realized it was.......

an old nursing pad from back when I nursed my babies!!!!

Thankfully, she used it as a mask in the confines of our own home rather pulling it out of her pocket in the middle of the grocery store!!!

1 comment:

Scot said...

That is my CRAZY little Squirt! I was under house a few weeks back and had a real mask on. I guess she saw the white circle and thought it was the same thing! How silly of her.