Saturday, November 28, 2009


I am completely amazed at how God has worked over the last few weeks. I always knew God would take care of all the details that come with moving, but I am just amazed at the way He is doing it! All I can do is stand in awe at how God orchestrates our lives down to the smallest details!

Here is the latest incredible story.

We have been looking for a rental in our little town since we sold our house. I called every realty place in the area and even drove all around town, both inside and outside the city limits, trying to find something--anything for rent! There is just not anything right now.

We decided we may have to move to "the city" as our last resort. (The reason it would be a last resort is that it would cost us more and we would be farther from where we are building our house.)

I was getting a little discouraged because that was not what we wanted to do, but I kept saying that God has not brought us this far to abandon us true that has proven to be!

Well, early Friday morning, while standing in line waiting to go into a store on Black Friday, I started talking to some people around me in line. One of them mentioned something about my town and I asked if they lived here. One of the girls said yes and I told her I did too and that I lived on our street's name. She that said her husband's grandmother lived on my street too. Come to find out the grandmother is my neighbor across the street!

I mentioned we had just sold our house and were looking for a place to rent while we build our new house. She said that her cousin just moved to another part of the state and she thinks that she is putting her house up for rent this weekend.

I asked a few more questions and then I realized I knew the cousin through a friend of mine! Isn't that crazy???

So I told the girl that I would call my friend and get in touch with her cousin, who was in town for the weekend.

Now do you see why I say it is amazing the way God works???

To think I was in line on Black Friday at 5 am, freezing to death, making conversation with other shoppers...who, come to find out live in my small town... and their grandmother is a neighbor...and they have a cousin who is here getting ready this very weekend to put their house up for rent!!!

That is not a "happenstance" that is GOD! He allowed our paths to cross and our conversation to turn to this!

I stood in line at this store hoping to get an incredible deal on a Christmas gift and ended up getting a lead on a rental house!


Oh and by the way, I got the "deal" I went for too!


Ros Horton said...

Awesome! I love the ways God proves Himself like that!

Wholesome Learning said...

Congrats! Wow!

Beth said...

This is great, Amanda. I am so excited for you guys. :-)

Main Street Mom said...

YEAH! I am glad it's gonna work for you! When is your move date?

I am so excited for you!

Karis said...

So fun to hear how God is directing your path! So excited for you guys!