Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

Several years ago, our kids started the tradition of cooking and serving a special dinner for Scot and I on Valentine's Day.

They set a very pretty table complete with flowers and candles; they even played some soft piano music!

This year E informed me that she was making Chicken Alfredo. I thought this might be more than a 9 year old could handle, but she did a fantastic job!

She grilled the chicken on the George Foreman , made the noodles and sauce. She even baked cheese and garlic biscuits! It really was a great meal! I am so proud of her.

S wore a cute little apron and was one of our servers. She played the role perfectly - down to carrying the silverware in the apron pockets!

She even made menus for us.

B, our handsome little server, did a great job checking to make sure everything was OK. He couldn't wait till we were done with dinner so HE could blow out the candles!

It was such a fun evening. There truly is no other place I would have rather gone for Valentine's Day!


Tim, Kristen & Megan said...

I guess my question I asked you on face book was answered in what your kids made you! Wow, I am amazed at what your daughter was able to cook for you. You must be teaching your kids so much!!! They seem to be so sweet!

Anonymous said...

What a special Valentines Day! And everyone had fun! Way to go E! Looks yummy. She will have to start her own recipe blog. :) Lisa

Karis said...

Way to go, E, is right!!! And what a precious gift for all the kids to give. I know you must have felt so sentimental as you went to bed that night. I am feeling sentimental and it's not even my kids! :-)