Thursday, February 19, 2009

Spring Consignment Sale

I have been busy this week getting our outgrown spring and summer clothes ready to sell at a local kids consignment sale....and what a task it is! The house gets turned upside down for a few days.

I am refraining from showing you any more pictures. You will just have to trust me when I say there are piles of clothes everywhere! Some to sell, some to donate, and some to save for the next child to wear.

In the end, it is worth it. A little extra money AND clean drawers and closets!


Leah Belle said...

i'll be doing that soon too! (1st week of Mar.) you are right is a LOT of work...but a good feeling when it is done!

Anonymous said...

I am about to start on my clothes too! It is such a mess, but so worth it when everything is done! I have lots of toys that I am going to put in this year. Have fun!

Karis said...

I love consignment sales... and I really, really love thrift shops! Wow, it's weird to think I haven't been in a thrift shop or a consignment shop or at a garage sale in over six months! It feels weird that I haven't bought one article of clothing since we got here -- I miss the bargain shopping part of it. I know I can do that here with the bartering and all, but the language barrier has convinced me that we can continue with what we have for now. :-) Your post made me miss seeing those signs for the spring consignment sale where we lived in Virginia!