Saturday, July 23, 2011

Crazy Pool Fun

I will be honest I did not like this idea, but was out-voted by my husband who was in the pool with the kids and our cousins.

It all started with my cousin Billy having the idea to back his truck up to the pool and use it as a jumping off point.
 Crazy and insane were a few of the words I told him he was for even thinking I would let him do it. Well, Scot thought it was a great idea so I put all the blame and responsibility on him if someone got hurt.

B thought I was gonna let him, no way, bud! So he jumped instead!

How handsome is he???

My dare devil 4 year old....LOVED IT!

 Well thankfully no one got hurt and they all had a FANTASTIC time! We love having family over even when they come up with insane ideas!

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Ohio Mom/Mammaw said...

I am glad no one got hurt. It looks like everyone had a great time. Love the pictures.