Friday, April 30, 2010

Candy Scramble

The last night of Awana is marked with a lot of excitement not because the kids are glad it is over (because trust me they are NOT!) but because they are having a candy scramble!

My kids have been counting the weeks, days and now hours till it was time!

If you are not familiar with a candy scramble this is what they do. First, the workers cover the floor of the gym with candy, then the kids fill a brown lunch sack with as much candy as they can in a given number of minutes.
I had hoped to be able to take pictures of this exciting activity, but S got sick and was not able to go to church. She was devastated that she was not able to go because like I said they have been counting the days till the candy scramble.

When the kids came home, E had a bag full of candy for S. She said that her Awana teacher had made a bag just for her before the game began. How sweet is that! Our Awana workers are always thinking of the kids. They are so sweet and thoughtful. We truly are blessed to have a church who cares about our kids and continually show the love of Christ to them! It was such a simple little thing, but one that spoke volumes to S and her mama!

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Scot said...

I think the dentist will also be thankful for the Candy Scramble! Just kidding, I know the kids enjoyed it so much. I wish S could have gone, but she got to reap the benefits after all!