Friday, December 4, 2009

The Ornaments

I admit that I have a sentimental addiction to ornaments.

I just love ornaments.

I love getting ornaments from places we visit or things we do.

I love that we get the kids ornaments each year that mean something to them or represent something about them during that year.

I love, when we decorate our tree, to relive the memories of years past through our Christmas ornaments.

E's first Christmas ornament to her daddy

We have all kinds of ornaments...hallmark keepsakes, playful ones, handmade ones, etc. Each one is bought specifically as a reminder of our children at that age whether it is an activity they were into or just something that they love at that time.

Nana got B this on his first Christmas

I write a little message on the box telling why we choose the ornament that year along with their name and the year. So when we pass out the ornaments to hang on the tree, I read the message or say "oh, remember how you did so-and-so". It is such sweet memories and so much fun for everyone!

1996 - our first Christmas - a starfish Santa because we lived in Pensacola, FL

I thought I would share a FEW of the ones we have collected over the years. Trust me when I say we have lots of ornaments and these are just a few....

E loves to collect the snowball and tuxedo ornaments. This one was of them sharing coffee. When I saw which one it was for last year, I told her it was fitting that she get it because she would always steal my coffee....of course, she says it is hot cocoa so it doesn't count...*smile*

This one is one S got a few years ago when she learned to ice skate for the first time. Oh, we have such fun and sweet memories of that day!

This one was for B when he was 3 and was SO into planes and rockets and anything else that flies!

This is one that we gave M in 2007 (she was 1) because she was obsessed with penguins. It all started because at our local Christmas parade, one of the floats threw her a stuffed penguin. She carried that thing EVERYWHERE..for months!
A funny story about this next one. I got it for S when she was 4 because she loves to draw, color, paint, etc. When I gave it to her, she said "but I don't like mice!" She thought I got it for her because she likes mice not because of the crayola box. I wrote this story on the side of the box and I am so glad I did. Now each year, we can smile and laugh at the "other" story behind the ornament.

What about you? Do you give ornaments each year? Does your tree tell the story of your family through the years?

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Grape News said...

We give the kids ornaments each year too. usually it has to do w/ what their bdy party was that yr. But this yr I had ones made w/ a pix of them and Mickey from Disney. I wasn't sure if the kids cared or not (K probably not yet) but the other day C asked what his ornament was going to be this yr. I told him he would find out Christmas Day and then he could put it on the tree. I'm pleased that he remembered.