Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Turtles and Frogs

For her birthday, S received a bug habitat. She loves it!

The kids were very excited when Scot suggested we go find some tadpoles. We went to my mom's pond hoping to find some there. We walked around the entire pond and was not able to find anything!

Well, except this little guy now named Skipperty. The kids had enjoyed having him to play with and take care of.
Later that day, we went to see a new car my sister was going to buy. At the dealership, there was a huge drainage ditch that was overflowing from all the rain we have gotten in the last week. I jokingly suggested they see if there were some tadpoles in it.

I didn't really intend for my sweet husband to walk through inches of mud and to search the murky water for tadpoles, but he did! To their delight, he found 13 tadpoles for the kids to watch turn into frogs! So now we have a full bug habitat...and many hours of enjoyment.


Grape News said...

Too cool! We are "turtle sitting" right now. They kinda don't do much :)

Ohio Mom said...

One of the greatest joys of summer was going to my Grandparent's pond and finding tadpoles to raise. It is so fascinating to see them change from a tadpole to a frog. I also was fascinated by insects too, so it sounds like I have a Granddaughter that is a little like her Mammaw!