Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Special Quilt

Today, our small town library was hosting a quilt show. Our friend, Sherry, was actually the one hosting this fantastic event. She has a passion for quilts and is even working towards becoming a certified appraiser. She should have her license by this time next year!

While preparing for this event, Sherry told her quilting class about the show she was going to host in our town. One of her students told her about a quilt that she received as a family heirloom from her grandmother. This quilt was sewn by several local women in our county in 1934. She asked the lady if she could use it to display. Of course, the lady was happy to let her.

She provide the names of the ladies who had helped make this quilt along with a picture of some of them. Sherry recognized one of the names on the quilt as my great-grandmother's name! She called to tell me all about it and could not wait for the kids to be able to come and see.
So, of course, we took the kids to the library to see the special quilt that was made in part by their great-great-grandmother!

The neat thing is that not only is my great-grandmother's name on here, so is my great, great aunt's!

I think one of the things I love the most about it, is the handwriting of their names. When I saw my grandmother's name, I immediately recognized her handwriting.

It is just how I remembered - and it is forever inscribed on this special quilt!!


Mom from Ohio said...

How wonderful that you were able to take pictures of that quilt and how wonderful that the kids could also see it. What a nice lesson on heritage!

Main Street Mom said...

how neat!!